Just seconds before the little peanut crashed to the earth below his friend the fish arrived and sprang from the brook ... in one mighty leap to catch the little peanut in its mouth.



The little peanut and the fish lay on the wet ground. The little peanut couldn’t get back up into the peanut tree and the friendly fish couldn’t return to the brook ... but they were both very happy.

From that day onward, the only peanuts to be found, do not grow up high in trees anymore. They now grow safely in the ground and all the little peanuts aren’t lonely like they used to be because each has inside them a friendly fish from the brook ... that you can also see.

So always remember … whenever you feel lonely, sad or at an end … all you have to do is look inside yourself and you will find your very best friend.



Click here to discover the fish inside the peanut by following these instructions with your own little peanut.



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