His sisters didn’t want to play with him and his brothers teased him about being so little. His cousins, the walnuts and the macadamia nuts would purposely ignore him every time he spoke. The birds that frequently came by to visit were much more interested in the bigger peanuts and would spend many hours enjoying their company ... but paid no attention to the littlest peanut.

All the lonely little peanut could do was to stare out across the brook for days at a time.

He would watch as the water rushed by, pushing against the shore, forming swirling circles of  blue merry-go-rounds. The lonely little peanut got to know every motion, sound and colour of the brook.

On one hot afternoon, as the lonely little peanut stared at the brook, while everyone else played, he began to cry. His tears were captured by a gentle breeze that carried his little drops of sorrow over the brook where they fell into the water making plunking sounds and created ever increasing rings on the water’s surface.

Suddenly to his great surprise the little peanut saw something amazing in the brook. The water was broken, as if by a fan moving underneath and then, to the lonely little peanut’s wonder, the face of a fish arose from the surface of the water into sight.



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